Top Earners

Garageland Top Earners

The Garage Gigs offer opportunities for bands to be able to earn some much needed money. Here are 5 of our top earners. The rich list:

Velcro 98



The Sound House

Velcro 98 played an amazing show to a packed house in September 2018. It was their first Garage Gig and straight to #1.

Fishbowl Horizons

Fishbowl Horizons - Garageland Artists



The Grand Social

Fast becoming veterans of Garageland, Fishbowl Horizons played a great show in The Grand Social in April 2018




The Button Factory

An established Garageland act, we’re proud to have worked with them and watch as they’ve become one of the most in-demand bands in the country!




The Sound House

Another established Garage Gig-er. This band have gone strength to strength with Garageland, even fitting in a show in The Olympia Theatre as well.


Patricia - Garageland Artists



The Grand Social

Patricia played a stomping show in in August 2017 which put them firmly into our top earners!

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