Garageland & The Daily Star – Ones To Watch for 2019!

The Daily Star broadcasts Garageland TV Episode 1 the Garageland Ones To Watch for 2019.

Inhaler, Rob Corcoran, Cooks But We’re Chefs, SKYFEVER, The Enzymes, Hidden Stills, Stone Blind State, The Elective, Modernlove., Norma Manly, The Low Kills, V98, Swordfist, Gracepark, Electric Shore, Black Violets, Fishbowl Horizons, Terry Hackett – Music, Shades Of Blue Band, Oh Bryan, Killian O’Driscoll Music, Simon Hind, Zephyr, Magazines, Indigo, Groove Killer, Laura Mulcahy Music, Saint Sapphire, Count Tornado for Christmas No. 1, – Thanks as always for the great support from IMRO Ireland, Arts Council Ireland, Rté Twoxm, RAAP – Recorded Artists Actors Performers, Sound Training Productions, Button Factory,, The Daily Star

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