Garageland Radio Show on RTE 2XM Monday 5th Nov

Listen now! – Garageland on RTE 2XM supporting emerging artists – If you want to play The Garage Gigs contact us on FB (here) or book your own show on – thanks as always to IMRO Ireland​, Hot Press Magazine​, RTE 2XM​, Arts Council Ireland​, Sound Training​, Musicmaker​ – This weeks radio show features Seskin Lane​, Laura Ryder Ampersand​, Laura Mulcahy​, Rob Corcoran​, Blondie​, Talking Heads​, David Byrne (musician)​, Silver Relics​, Gerry Hodgers​, Brian Canavan​, The Enzymes​, The Black Delta Movement​, Velcro 98​, Father​!, Runway Lights​, Norma Manly​, Inhaler​, Gerald Ahern​, Water on Mars​, PictureHouse​, and Gary Moore for our friends in Fender Custom Shop​ California, currently working on Irish Roots Guitars made from Original Ha’penny Bridge​ Wood!

Garageland with Dermot Lambert from Monday 5 November on RTÉ 2xm

November 9th, 2018|News|