Daily Star & Garageland Ones To Watch 2020

Many thanks to the Irish Daily Star for the continued support to the hundreds and hundreds of artists who put everything into their work all year round with Garageland. Our predictions are uncanny! On this years’ Hotlist we have Lavengro, The Telling, Tomike, Crispr Kid, The Clockworks, Pale Blue Moon, Donal Quinn, Klara McDonnell, Adam Fleming, The Wha?, Rowdy Outsider, The Kush, Surreal Audio, Kyntrich, Columbia, The Revelator, In The Black, Sliver Relics. If you’re in a band, or if you’re a solo artist, and you want to play the most influential series of live gigs in Ireland you can book your own gig at www.garageland.ie/dates

January 8th, 2020|News|